Consulting Services Overview

What We Do and Who We Serve

Ground Floor Partners provides strategic advisory services to established small businesses, startups, and non-profit organizations, counties and municipalities.  Our services include strategy consulting, business planning, management and operations consulting, market research, analysis and planning, and feasibility studies.

Established Small Businesses

Small Business Consultants

Our established business clients typically include small businesses with anywhere from several hundred thousand to $20 million in revenue. Small enough to be ignored by most banks, but large enough to have plenty of headaches. Small business owners usually have lots of ideas, tight budgets and limited resources. They are stretched thin and don’t have a lot of patience for fancy theories and long planning documents.


Non-Profits, Counties and Municipalities

Non-Profit ConsultantsWhile most non-profit organizations (including counties and municipalities) have noble intentions, lofty goals, and good people, they sometimes struggle with execution.  All too often they are pulled in multiple directions — volunteers, partners, board members, and donors often have their own agendas which conflict with the basic mission of the organization.



Startup Business ConsultantsOur startup clients range from solo entrepreneurs at the idea stage to small businesses with two or three years of operations. We focus on practical, cost effective solutions that actually work. We understand the problems startups and early stage business owners have to deal with every day: lots of ideas, huge potential, combined with tight budgets and limited resources.  We  provide perspective, insight and balance, all on  a reasonable budget