Non-Profit Strategy Consulting Services

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Our non-profit strategy consulting services are designed to fit the needs of counties, municipalities and other non-profit organizations.

  • Is your organization’s mission clear and relevant?

    Sometimes it’s hard for to tell. Management says it is, but volunteers and other stakeholders feel otherwise. We’ll help you evaluate our mission, and adjust and it if necessary.

  • Is change happening faster than you can adapt?

    Every organization has to deal with change. And the pace of change accelerates every year as new technologies, regulations, and social media appear, and old ones disappear. We’ll help you identify the most important trends and find ways to take advantage of them.

  • Is your organization out of alignment?

    Do the board members all agree with each other? Are all of your stakeholders working toward the same end? Or are different stakeholder groups out of sync?

  • Are your programs delivering high quality results, or just getting by?

    Everybody needs to press the reset button once in a while. The same holds for organizations.  Five years ago your programs were operating at their peak. What happened?

Our Approach

Successful strategic planning requires a process. Skipping steps almost always leads to sub-par results. You need to allow ample time for research, brainstorming, analysis and documentation. Our comprehensive strategic planning process typically takes anywhere from three to six months.

  • We emphasize interviews, research and analysis over meeting facilitation.
  • Of course we document our findings, but we keep our reports simple, clear, and concise.
  • Finally, we provide clients with ongoing monitoring and implementation support.
  • Above all, we avoid rose colored glasses.

We bring reality into every conversation.

Execution Is Key to Getting Results

Strategy ExecutionAre you going to actually follow through on the plan, or will it just become an expensive paperweight? Far too many organizations invest in strategic planning and then end up putting their plans on a shelf — literally.  The reality is that a strategic plan is useless if you can’t execute. For that reason, we don’t like to stop at planning. Successful execution takes time, commitment, and focus.  We can help you execute the strategy, provide additional resources to translate your plan into action, and generate results.

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