Pricing Analysis and Recommendations for Physician Scheduling System

An emergency room physician had designed and developed a web-based software system for scheduling and managing emergency room physician work shifts. The system was almost ready for beta testing. The doctor had done preliminary market research on customer demand and the competition and had several ideas for how to price the service. He wanted to keep the system as simple as possible for end-user groups, and was in favor of relatively slow but steady revenue growth (so no outside investors were needed). He contacted Ground Floor Partners for help with:

  • Market Analysis/ Positioning
  • Pricing Strategy and Analysis
  • Financial Projections/ Breakeven Analysis

Findings and Results

We worked closely with the doctor on all of these issues, and also provided additional guidance on the software development and marketing of the business. Our research and analysis mostly confirmed our client’s approach, and demonstrated that his pricing scheme was viable. The emergency room scheduling system went through beta testing, and is now being used by a number of hospitals and medical practices.